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Ball Float Traps

Ball Float Traps

UKL Ball Float Trap discharge condensate near to steam saturation temperature, which works on the principle of Buoyancy, [densities difference of Water and Steam].The rising condensate level elevates the Float open the valve and discharges the condensate, and reverse, when the level of condensate drops, valve close the trap.

The working principle of this trap can also be used as Auto Air Moisture Drain, as Air Eliminator in liquid line, as well as for lifting condensate, as a pump.

  • MOC: Cast Iron and Cast Carbon Steel
  • Available in Sizes: 15 mm - 50 mm
  • End connections: Screwed/Socket weld ends, Flanged ends to #150 / 300 /600
  • Available for working pressure up to 40 bar and Differential Pressure up to 32 Bar

Also available with Automatic Air venting [AV] and Steam lock release [SLR] arrangement

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