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Company Profile

CHEM-TECH ASSOCIATES is a prominent Engineering and Distribution Company. CHEM-TECH ASSOCIATES’s business is highly diversified across products and services, geographic regions and customer segments. The company offers products from a wide range of manufacturers, to a large number of customers primarily in India, Neighboring Countries and other locations.

We are in the market since 1993 and supplying the quality products in different industrial sectors of market like energy, oil & gas, power, chemical, pharmaceutical, cement, dairy, ETP & STP, pulp & paper, steel etc.

We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. Hundreds of products are working satisfactorily across the country with most prestigious installations.

Why CHEM-TECH ASSOCIATES is a preferred supplier for major Industrial Houses?

Our vast experience of more than two decades makes us one of the leading solution providers in the field of Industrial Engineering. Our staff has been specially trained on the products and is well experienced and knowledgeable to offer solutions. They enjoy challenges and are keen to go out in to the field and offer optimal solutions.

Fast Delivery:

We keep adequate inventory and majority of the products are offered either off the shelf or on a short delivery basis.

Confidence in your Results:

The products that we represent are World's best and have witnessed the test of time. They are reliable and backed up by our unparallel support. You can rely with confidence on your results.

Service Satisfaction:

we try to achieve excellence by providing best of the services to our valued customers. We often conduct programs like Free Service Camp, Free Training, & Free Check up of Instruments at site and so on.

Pre - dispatch inspection ensures trouble free start up.

All Instruments under warrantee are looked after properly.

Comprehensive and non comprehensive maintenance contracts are also offered after the warrantee period.